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From July of 2012 through July of 2015, I worked with KelleB Designs on all aspects of communication and marketing. This work included social media consultation and campaign creation including posting creating the KelleB Jammin’ Blog, the KelleB Blog, and the Happenings @ KelleB Designs eNewsletter.

Consultation and content creation involved these social media channels: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn helping KelleB Design Services to bolster awareness and connect with audiences. Below is an overview of social media campaigns.

Redeemed Relics Furniture: A Redeemed Relic by YOU Giveaway

Social Media Campaign

Embracing the DIY trend, this promotional contest and giveaway was launched in conjunction with the Shop Local Event*. The campaign resulted in a combined reach of 11,500 to Facebook users. In addition, 100 additional Facebook Likes were added to the KelleB Design Services Facebook page and 1,000 visits within a month to the Redeemed Relics Furniture website. You can view this Blog post for an overview of the campaign.

Valentine Jam Boxes By KelleB:

Graphic created by Kelle Barnard; Concept ML RainesOne of my favorite social media campaigns, the promotion of Valentine Jam Boxes closely resembled a meme and playfully referenced the movie, “Say Anything.” More information about the Jam Boxes can be seen on this KelleB Jammin’ Blog post.




Number #1 Reason Jam Rocks:
September 2013
KelleB Jammin’ is one of the boutique services under the KelleB Design Services umbrella. The KelleB Jammin’ site originally began as a hobby site focused on jams and canning and included recipes, tips, and ideas.

This social media campaign was part of the launch to rebrand the hobby site to a commercial site allowing visitors to purchase jams and other gourmet goods. The initial post, in partnership with coordinated outreach to Lubbock In the Loop, resulted in a Facebook reach of approximately 2,250 Facebook users.

Here is the created infographic that launched the Jam Rocks Campaign and Giveaway and a link to the completed Top 10 List with winning entry from Donny G.:

Social Media Campaign

The Top 10 Reasons Jam Rocks! 




Flower Flashback Friday:

While KelleB Design Services had an initial social media presence as Barnard Interiors, extensive work on rebranding to include all of her boutique services, Flowers by KelleB, Barnard Interiors (now Home by KelleB), Redeemed Relics Furniture (now rolled into Home by KelleB) and at the time, her hobby site, KelleB Jammin’ required content to represent all of the services.

I created the Flower Flashback Friday Facebook post topic in order to allow a showcase of the floral design work, while presenting content that was new to the audience even though it had been work done in the past.