Desktop Publishing: 2010 Lubbock Area United Way Community Status Report Copywriting

Printed Reports: Lubbock Area United Way

Desktop Publishing: The Community Status Report is a long-running Lubbock Area United Way publication that offers an assessment of community strengths, areas of need, and gaps in social services. The report is used by higher education institutes, other non-profit organizations, and city offices to determine grant needs and program funding.

The 2010 Community Status Report


Samples of Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report

PDF version of the 2009 Annual Report to easily view text


2008 Annual Report

PDF version of the 2008 Annual Report to easily view text


2007 Annual Report

PDF version of the 2007 Annual Report to easily view text

Search Engine Optimization Copyediting

Proofreading and SEO: Amped Up Mobile Audio

The scope of this project focused on revising content on an existing site,  Amped Up Mobile Audio. Work included proofreading and updates, optimizing content for search engines, and enabling site responsiveness.

Initially, the site did not have any ranking on major search engines. After updates search engine results included mid-level second page ranking across all major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, bing)  within the targeted geographic area and search keywords including, “car stereo installation lubbock”.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves many factors and the SEO work on this site will continue in order to achieve first page search engine results.

ESC_13_TARGET_Interventions Online Content Optimization

Online Content: Texas Education Service Center XIII

Online Content Optimization for the Education Service Center (ESC) XIII. The ESC XIII working in Austin, Texas, offers a statewide program that focuses on Autism training for educators, education paraprofessionals, and others in the education field. This program includes access to current research studies on education-based interventions.

This project involved updating these interventions, referred to as TARGET Interventions. The project updates included proofreading, formatting, and ensuring ADA standard accessibility for these online documents.

Each TARGET Intervention PDF document is listed alphabetically at the following link:

TARGET: Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching